This is a biographic tribute to the notary Jean Nerenhausen who lived in the 17th century. Through their daily work, notaries have done the work of historians by providing us a mine of authentic data, the basis for fascinating discoveries on the life of our ancestors.
In some places, the book offers the reader suspense and surprise (demystified genealogy of a Luxembourg minister of state). At a time when the war of succession around the poisoned inheritance of Johnny Hallyday is raging, this book also sheds interesting light on wills in general, key to the notary's activity.
At the same time narrative and manual, entertaining and didactic, this book brings an important contribution to the history of the French and Luxembourg notaries from the 16th to the 19th century. This is the work of a teacher of letters, specialist in languages, philology, etymology and symbolism.
Author ___ Jean Nehrenhausen
Book design and layout ___ Sacha Rein
Publisher ___ Éditions Schortgen
©2022 Editions Schortgen

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