Podologie Reiland – podiatry

REMIX22 – European Youth Music Festival

CLAIRE – Clean Air & Environment

Fiscogest – accounting firm
Fondation Mazalbert – foundation promoting development of thought and knowledge by supporting creative and educational activities
Jean Nehrenhausen – monogram for the author
GUK Groupe Urologique Kirchberg – urologists
Taste – creative agency
CSV Chrëschtlech-Sozial Vollekspartei – political party
COPP Centre Ophtalmologique Place de Paris – ophthalmologist
Banque Degroof – private banking
Immobel – real estate developer
BIP Brussels Info Place – visitor center
Make My Day – consulting company
Gallano Resort Umbria – resort hotel
Fresh – webmag
TRYPO – typographic playground
Auchan Drink Shop – supermarket drink shop
Be Brussels – city mark proposal
Cotard collective – music collective logo proposal

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