Typography is ubiquitous, often taken for granted while at the same time shaping our society in many ways. People are being consciously and subconsciously influenced and directed by various font choices all the time. Fonts and how they are used can drastically dictate how an audience feels, and even how they’re called to action.
After speech, written text has become the main vehicle of wisdom and memory. Not only do the words themselves carry meaning, the shape and form of those words are conveying a message as well. Their aesthetics give any message their own specific character, tone or voice.
I design typefaces uniquely tailored to your Brand
Your logo is unique, so are your colours and all the elements that make up your visual identity. Why not use a bespoke typeface to make it even more unique? A custom typeface can closely reflect a brand’s values in its design and elevate your logo or communication from just words to a powerful brand tool.
Maybe you want your logo or a certain set of icons embedded inside your corporate font. Maybe there are some particular characters that just don’t fit your brand. Maybe you would like to enhance your font with some specific OpenType features or maybe all you need is some informed advice. I can help with your type related questions. 
Case 1
A client of mine is using PT Sans and PT Serif as their corporate font, a font which has quite pronounced ink traps. While this is a good thing for most running text situations, when used at display sizes (e.g. large titles) those ink traps quickly get in the way. The solution was to remove them throughout the whole font family, thus resulting in an extension of eight new display faces. Another request was to change the ‘Kk’ glyphs which had a too strong Cyrillic feel to them.
Case 2
Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference. When Degroof Bank wanted to redesign their logo they wanted to stay true to their image but at the same time look modern. In order to achieve that goal we decided to keep the Arrow font but to remove the serifs. Several other modifications have been made in order to achieve a better overall visual harmony between all the letters.
Case 3
Skills is a typeface I developed for Skillsbelgium, a Belgian non-profit with the purpose to valorise and promote manual labor to younger generations. To complement their visual identity they needed a typeface suited for titles and display sizes. The typeface had to represent the manual aspect of their organisation. Based on their brand font Interstate I used a ballpoint pen to sketch what was to become the Skills display typeface. A second layer was added with a different density to give it a hand drawn quality.

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